Bring your music into the metaverse

Soundoshi is the world's first metaverse infrastructure for the music industry.



Key problems of music industry

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The subscription model is unfair.
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Physicals albums are obsolete.
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Artists have no way to directly monetise their fanbase.


Music content delivery network for WEB 3.0


Powerful reach

Sell your music as direct paid streams or digital albums, without limits anywhere in the digital space.

True ownership record

The missing piece for digital albums - true ownership, confirmed by a transparent record. The music medium for the 21st century.

Metaverse bridge for artists, labels and publishers

What do we offer?

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Genuine digital albums

Release albums, singles, tickets and other NFT collections.
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Fair streaming

An honest model for direct paid streams.
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Transparent social media

Directly monetised social media to engage fanbase.

Sell your music anywhere, anytime

Deliver your music in an attractive format to any digital space, game or website for an unbeatable price.


How to become a citizen!

Let’s see how it works


Sign up

Join the Soundoshi community and help us change the world of music today.

Add your music and other content

Upload your music or video and stream it directly to your fans and get paid instantly.

Mint your music singles and albums as NFTs

Release albums, create limited editions and reissues as NFTs with transparent ownership records.

Sell to a larger market

Sell music in games, on social media and on any website.

Meet The Team

Payments, tickets and album ownership record powered by 1# Blockchain

Payments, tickets and album ownership record powered by 1# Blockchain

Bitcoin SV is the only one blockchain in the world that is capable of meeting the needs of the global music and streaming industry. A seamless experience for everyone, no matter if you are in crypto or not. Join, using your card and enjoy experiencing music fair to you and your favorites artists.

Let’s see how it works


Direct paid stream

  • One-time stream of a selected song.
  • Direct payment to the artist.
  • A fair and transparent model.
  • Unfair monopolies and rigged promotions.
  • Subscription model

Music NFTs

  • Lifetime access to your favorites songs.
  • A collectors market that will grow in value.
  • Can be resold, traded or gifted.
  • Access to limited content and exclusive communities.

Get your question answer

Frequently asked question

When do you launch Soundoshi?
We are aiming to launch the new music platform - Soundoshi in Q3 of 2022
I'm an artists, how to get started?
Type and send your email address to us, to stay in touch until platform launches later in the year. You will be informed regulary about progress and more!
How is it different from regular digital albums and streaming platforms?
With the blockchain technology you, for the first time in history, will be able to truly own your digital assets. With possesion comes all the benefits that physical goods have. You can send, gift, sell, buy and more!
How much does it cost and what does it give me?
With NFT direct sales, we leave it up to the creators to set such prices as they see fit. When it comes to streams, each listen to a song will cost you $0.01 until the song's total amount is collected.